🛠️Partner Benefits

Comprehensive Support for Partner Projects

Our Launchpad program is designed to empower and support our partners, providing them with the resources and flexibility needed to bring their visions to life. Projects that choose to launch with VectorChat enjoy a multitude of benefits, each tailored to foster growth, innovation, and success.


  • Start-up Cost Coverage: VectorChat is committed to supporting its partners right from inception. We cover almost all, if not all, startup costs, alleviating financial burdens and allowing our partners to focus on development and innovation.

Customization and Flexibility

  • Tailored Launch Strategies: Our approach to each project launch is highly customized. For instance, the launch of Cherry on our platform can be viewed at launchpad.vectorchat.ai, showcasing our ability to tailor each launch to the specific needs and vision of the project.

  • Flexible Launch Options: We provide total control and flexibility over the launch process, allowing our partners to dictate the pace and style that best suits their project's objectives.

Continuous Support and Expertise

  • Extensive Advice: Our team offers ongoing, in-depth guidance and support throughout the project lifecycle. We view this as a lifetime partnership.

  • Access to APIs: Partners gain exclusive access to our Developer and Moderation APIs, opening up a world of possibilities in AI and conversational technology.

Advanced Technological Access

Partnering with VectorChat means getting hands-on with some of the most advanced technologies in the field.

Leveraging VectorChat Technology

  • Private Vector Databases: Create private vector databases for each character or project, with the flexibility to adjust size and specifications as needed.

  • Technical Customization: Partners can modify technical aspects like the size and number of vectors, top-k values, and more, tailoring the tech to their specific requirements.

  • Realistic Character Memory: Develop characters with memories that mimic human recall, enhancing the realism and depth of AI interactions.

  • Seamless Model Switching: Our technology allows for smooth transitions between different LLM models based on set metrics. This includes configurable, automatic adherence to terms and conditions, ensuring compliance with legal and ethical standards.

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