🗃️Uploading data to your character


A defining feature of the VectorChat platform: evolving your character with data uploads. As per the beta period, this feature is free and allows for the upload of up to 500,000 tokens—or roughly between 1.5 and 2 MB. On full release, users will be able to pay for storage as needed. Data uploads allow for refining characters and for providing characters with unique knowledge-bases.

Step 1: Create a Character

Currently, data uploads are only possible for characters that you own or have created–as this is still part of the character creation use case. Uploading data to your character will enhance the character for everyone that accesses your character. In the full platform, you will be able to upload data privately to any character—either owned by you or someone else, allowing for personalization.

Further information on how to create a character is provided in the following section of the documentation.

🐣Creating your first character

Step 2: Navigate to the Evolve Page

To access the upload feature, you will need to navigate to the Evolve page.

  • Start by entering the chat interface with the character you wish to modify by clicking on the character's card on your Dashboard.

  • Once there, click on the “Profile with Gear Icon” in the top bar, and a dropdown menu will appear. From that menu, select Evolve to navigate to the Evolve page.

Step 3: Upload Files

Currently, we support the upload of text and PDF files. To upload a file, either:

  • Drag in a file

  • Or click on “Choose File” and select file from your file explorer

Step 4: Manage Storage

Now that the file has been uploaded, the percent of available storage used will increase based on how many tokens were used to store that file. You can see this percentage on the top right of the Evolve page. File uploads will fail if they exceed this cap.

Step 5: Delete Files

If you decide that you want to clear data, click on the trash icon next to “Upload Knowledge” and hit confirm on the modal. As the modal says, this is final and unrecoverable.

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