🐣Creating your first character


Welcome to the exciting journey of creating your first AI character on VectorChat! This guide will walk you through each step, helping you bring your unique AI character to life. From basic setup to detailed customization, we’ll ensure your first foray into conversational AI is both enjoyable and rewarding.

Step 1: Accessing the Creation Tool

Once you've logged in to your VectorChat dashboard, you'll find a user-friendly interface designed for seamless navigation. To start creating your AI character:

  • Find the "Create" Button: Look for the “Create” button, represented by a plus (+) symbol, located on the sidebar of your dashboard. It is located right below the Home button.

  • Initiate Character Creation: Click on this button to open the character creation page.

Step 2: General Information

The first section of the character creation page is 'General Information'. Here, you will provide the basic details about your AI character.

Filling Out General Information:

  1. Character Name: Enter the name of your AI character. This could be anything from a traditional name to something more creative or thematic.

  2. Avatar: Upload an image that will serve as your character’s avatar. This visual representation is crucial as it helps users identify and connect with your character.

  3. Description: Write a brief description of your character. This should include key personality traits, background information, or any other details that define who your character is.

  4. Category: Select a category that best fits your character’s purpose or theme (e.g., education, entertainment, customer service).

Step 3: Configuration

In the 'Configuration' section, you will provide detailed instructions and materials to shape your character’s conversational abilities and personality.

Completing the Configuration:

  1. AI Instructions: Here, you will input specific instructions for the AI. These instructions guide how the AI should interpret and respond to user inputs. Be clear and detailed to ensure the AI behaves as you intend.

  2. Dataset Upload: If you have any datasets you wish to use for training your character (e.g., specific knowledge bases, conversational logs), you can upload them in this section. This step is crucial for tailoring your character’s knowledge and responses.

  3. Example Conversations: Provide example dialogues showing how you expect the AI to respond in certain situations. This is a critical step for training the AI in the tone, style, and content of its responses.

Finalizing Your Character

After completing the General Information and Configuration sections, review all the details to ensure they align with your vision for the character. Once satisfied, click on "Bring my character to life!" and your AI character will be ready to interact with on VectorChat!

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