💬Interacting with a character


Engaging with an existing AI model on VectorChat is a seamless and intuitive experience. Whether you're revisiting a character you've created or exploring new ones, this guide will help you navigate the process of interacting with AI models on the platform.

Step 1: Navigating to Your Dashboard

After signing in to VectorChat, you'll be directed to your dashboard. This is your central hub for accessing and managing AI models.

  • Your Models: Models you've created will be prominently displayed on your dashboard for easy access.

  • Discovering New Models: You can explore a wide range of existing models by browsing through your dashboard.

To find specific types of AI models, you can utilize the filters and search functionality on VectorChat.

  • Filtering by Categories: Click on the filters to sort models by categories, such as tech, politics, or crypto.

  • Searching for Models: Use the search bar to find models by name or keywords related to their characteristics and functionalities.

Step 3: Interacting with a Character

Once you find a character that interests you, interacting with it is just a click away.

  • Selecting a Model: Click on the card of the AI model you wish to interact with. This will take you to a dedicated chat interface.

  • First-Time Greeting: If it's your first interaction with a particular model, it will greet you upon entry. This initial greeting is designed to introduce the character and set the tone for your interaction.

  • Continuing Past Conversations: If you have previously interacted with the model, your chat history will be displayed, allowing for a continuous and context-rich conversation.

Step 4: Engaging in Conversation

Engaging with the AI model is as simple as typing a message.

  • Inputting Your Message: Type your message in the text box provided below the chat interface.

  • Receiving a Response: The AI model will respond based on the chat history and its custom configuration, ensuring a coherent and personalized conversation.


If you are using a multi-modal LLM, currently GPT-4 Turbo or Gemini, then you can also communicate using images. By default, the active LLM is set to GPT-4 Turbo. Multi-modality for Bittensor will be added at some point down the road. To send images, either:

  • Drag in an image

  • Click on the image icon and select an image from your file explorer

  • Or simply paste in an image from your clipboard

For more information on how to select an LLM, see the following section of the documentation.

📀pageSelecting an LLM

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