🤖Whitelabel Bot

Coming Soon (Phase 3 of Roadmap)


VectorChat is set to introduce a groundbreaking feature for communities and organizations: the ability to create custom, white-labeled AI characters or assistants. This upcoming feature focuses on providing a tailored experience, where entities can design AI personalities that align with their specific needs, whether for internal use within an organization, community engagement, or customer interaction.

Customization and Relevance

Creating a Unique Character:

  • Tailored to Your Needs: Organizations can develop an AI character or assistant that reflects their specific ethos, values, or the unique personality of their community.

  • Using Custom Datasets: By incorporating their own datasets, organizations can ensure that their AI character is not only unique but also highly relevant and informed about their specific domain, products, or services.

Integration and Accessibility

  • Discord and Telegram Integration: The white label bots can be seamlessly integrated into popular communication platforms like Discord and Telegram. This integration ensures that the AI characters are easily accessible to the community or customer base of the organization.

Use Cases

Diverse Applications:

  • Community Engagement: For online communities, these bots can act as information providers, or engagement tools, enhancing the overall community experience.

  • Internal Organizational Use: Companies can use these AI characters for internal purposes, such as automating responses, serving as a knowledge base, providing employee assistance, or streamlining communication.

  • Customer Interaction: Businesses can deploy these AI characters to interact with customers, providing personalized support, product information, or even engaging in brand-specific conversations.

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