The tokenomics of the VectorChat token ($CHAT) are designed to ensure equitable access and reward participation within the VectorChat ecosystem.

Quick Metrics:

  • Total Supply: 100,000,000

  • Liquidity Pool: 60,000,000 Locked

  • Community Allocation: 25,000,000 (Vested)

  • Team Allocation: 10,000,000 (Vested)

  • Marketing and Partnerships: 5,000,000

  • Tax: 5% Buy / 5% Sell

Detailed Distribution Breakdown

  • Liquidity Pool: A substantial portion of the total supply, amounting to 60% (60,000,000 tokens), is dedicated to the launch. This launch is conducted through the Uniswap protocol:

    • The 60 million tokens are added to a Uniswap V2 pool, paired with 3 Ethereum.

    • The contract address for this pool is set at 0x45feeb2738020eb69974ecb8a9dd6fcfeb478a70

    • The liquidity is locked using UniCrypt

  • Community Allocation: Emphasizing the community-driven ethos of VectorChat, 25% (25,000,000 tokens) of the total supply is allocated for community initiatives. This allocation is instrumental in fostering growth and engagement within the platform. The community allocation will be distributed in three tranches, referred to as 'Seasons', starting from Phase 2 of the platform's rollout. The distribution criteria include:

    • Engagement metrics such as staking, frequency of interactions with characters on the site, and the usage of characters created by users

    • The attraction of unique users by the characters created by participants

    • The volume of $CHAT tokens spent in transaction fees

    • Additional metrics that will be announced, reflecting the platform's dynamic approach to community engagement

    • The Community Allocation is locked using UniCrypt

    • The Community Allocation vests 5% (5,000,000) per month for 5 months

  • Team Allocation: The remaining 10% (10,000,000 tokens) of the total supply is reserved for the VectorChat team. This allocation is:

    • Vested and locked in UniCrypt

    • The lock-in period is set for 1 year

Disclaimer: Tokenomics are not final and are subject to change

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