🪙The $CHAT Token


The VectorChat token ($CHAT) is the core component of our platform, designed to foster a thriving community, democratize access to infinitely capable AI, and to facilitate transactions on our platform. Serving as the primary currency within VectorChat, it enables users to engage with AI services, incentivizes participation, and ensures creators are fairly compensated. This approach not only enhances user experience but also encourages innovation and growth within the VectorChat ecosystem.

Smart Contract Address

$CHAT Token Contract: The smart contract address for the VectorChat token is 0xBb3D7F42C58Abd83616Ad7C8C72473Ee46df2678

  • Uniswap: For trading and liquidity provision, visit Uniswap.

  • DexScreener: For real-time price tracking and market analysis, check out Dexscreener.

Disclaimer: The VectorChat $CHAT token is a utility token that is to be used on the VectorChat platform. The purchase of $CHAT does not constitute an investment in VectorChat. No profit is guaranteed nor should be expected.

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