Coming Soon (Phase 2 of Roadmap)

Staking for the Launchpad has launched! See the Launchpad section of the documentation for more information or navigate to launchpad.vectorchat.ai. It is a different feature, focused on the broader VectorChat $CHAT ecosystem as opposed to the foundational aspects listed below. Staking as described in this page will still occur during the onset of Phase 2.

As VectorChat transitions from Phase 1 to Phase 2, a pivotal development in the platform's evolution is the introduction of the staking feature. This feature is designed to provide users with enhanced control over their interaction costs and to play a significant role in the distribution of community rewards.

Transition to Paid Inferences

The free inference period during our beta in Phase 1 will end once Phase 2 starts. Users will then have to utilize the VectorChat ($CHAT) token to pay for inferences.

Staking and Its Benefits

Staking $CHAT tokens becomes a strategic tool for users in Phase 2, offering two primary benefits:

  1. Reduction in Inference Fees:

    • The staking system is designed to reduce the cost of inferences on a tiered scale.

    • Users who stake more tokens will see a greater reduction in fees, ranging from the full cost (100%) with no tokens staked to zero cost (0%) when a sufficient amount is staked.

  2. Enhanced Role in Season 1 Community Allocation (CA) 'Airdrop':

    • Staking will play a crucial role in the first CA tranche, functioning as a point multiplier, amplifying points earned through other engagement metrics on the platform.

    • Additionally, staking will contribute flat points to users’ overall tally in the airdrop calculation.

Announcement of Detailed Mechanics

The specifics of how the Season 1 airdrop will be conducted, including the precise calculations and thresholds for staking benefits, along with more details on the future of staking, will be formally announced at the onset of Phase 2.

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